Thai Menu


Vegetable Spring Rolls - with a chilli dip £5.

Duck Spring Rolls - with a hoisin dip £5.

Thai King Prawns wrapped in filo pastry - with a chilli dip £5.


~          ~          ~


Thai Red Curry – peppers, onion, green beans, sugar snaps and basil

        Chicken         £7.50

            Beef £8.

               Vegetables   £7.5

Garlic Pepper Chicken – peppers, onions, garlic, white and black pepper


                                                                                                                                                                                      Cashew Chicken – peppers, green beans, spring onions, red chilli, garlic and cashew nuts 


Chilli Beef – peppers, onions, green beans, carrots, garlic, red chilli and basil


        Sticky Chicken – seasoned chicken thighs, carrots, peppers and spring onions in a sweet sticky sauce                    £7.5

Thai flavoured noodles with crunchy vegetables and soy sauce £4.

           With Chicken £5.

Jasmine Rice £2.50

Spicy Thai Crackers £2.

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